Woodland Capital Limited

Woodland Capital Limited is a company specialising in investing and trading in the shares of smaller companies that the Directors believe have the prospect of high returns and capital growth. The focus is small entrepreneurial companies privately, pre-IPO, at IPO stage or shares already traded on a market which the directors believe to be undervalued.

Woodland Capital Limited may invest in such companies through buying existing shares, off or on-market, or by subscribing for new shares in private placings or Offers for Subscription thus assisting said companies with working capital.

Woodland Capital Limited was formed to give investors access to exciting smaller cap companies through the pooling of their capital. Woodland Capital Limited has access to regular private placings and new issues through the networks of the Directors.

Historically, private individuals have not been able to access this marketplace easily or the prime opportunities available in it. Usually the early investors or sizable investors take the lion's share of the projects growth potential for themselves first. Now, through Woodland Capital Limited, investors have access to this lion's share in the comfort that the investment objectives of the directors of Woodland Capital Group plc are aligned with their own.



Are you an investor? Woodland Capital Limited assists in bringing attractive investment prospects to the market through providing seed, bridging and development or expansion finance. All companies that we invest in have been through our due diligence screening process. There is no membership fee or obligation to trade with us or invest in anything alongside us. We would like to keep you regularly updated with the progress of Woodland Capital Limited, its investments, and new companies that may be interesting to you.

Are you a business looking to raise capital? Woodland Capital Limited offers services to small companies looking to further their operations by raising funds. Generally, our marketplace is the £10k - £1.5m level, in situations where banks and brokerage houses tend not to operate. We are able to introduce your business plans to a large number of advisers and active investors while assisting you through every stage of the finance raising process.