About Us

Woodland Capital Limited was formed in 2001.

The Directors currently look at several business plans each week from companies of various sectors, with exciting opportunities arriving on a regular basis.

Woodland Capital Group plc will invest up to £250,000 in each investment opportunity and as part of a syndicate can guarantee fundraisings of up to £1,000,000 to ensure that companies get the funding required.

Woodland Capital Limited has a core portfolio of main investments/shareholdings/warrant holdings, a variety of smaller holdings and cash. The companies invested in are diverse in both nature and size to create a leveraged and diversified portfolio of smaller companies which our shareholders would be unable to obtain through trading on their own.

The Managing Director of Woodland Capital Group plc is Gavin Burnell, an experienced small cap investor. Gavin is an employee of, and shareholder in, Ruegg & Co. Limited who specialise in advising and floating small but fast growing, entrepreneurial companies.

These companies would typically have good management and be seeking to raise finance between £150,000 and £5,000,000 with the view to bringing them to the junior markets which include PLUS and AIM.

Ruegg & Co. is based in Knightsbridge, London, an area attracting many niche investment management companies and hedge funds.


Managing Director:
Gavin Burnell

Finance Director & Secretary:
Ian Anthony

Non-Executive Director:
Paul Gainard

Head of IT & Website Author:
Sarju Patel