The Directors believe there are good opportunities to make investments in small to medium sized fast growing companies which would be in a position, market circumstances permitting, to become publicly traded in the short to medium term. The Directors will also consider investing in companies which are about to become, or are already, publicly traded.

Woodland Capital Limited focuses primarily on seeking reduced risk positions in seed financings and institutional placings which have the potential to return more significant capital gains than IPO's.

The Directors are also able to assist such companies in achieving a listing (whether on PLUS or AIM) and will be able to make large commitments to invest in fundraisings enabling Woodland Capital Limited to obtain leveraged (with Warrants attached) investments in investee companies for low cash outlay as well as favourable terms. Such investments offer the prospect of high returns and high capital growth.

The Directors believe that in the smaller capitalisation sector of the stock market it is possible to invest in sound companies trading at low valuations. In addition, as a result of the current economic climate these companies are often desperate for new funding enabling Woodland to obtain favourable terms in being able to assist these companies in their financing efforts.

Case Study

Woodland Capital Limited

Stratex International plc

Woodland Capital Limited invested in Stratex as a founder shareholder. Gavin Burnell was a non-executive director of Stratex and helped the company obtain an AIM listing.

Woodland Capital Limited produced a shareholding worth over £200,000 for a very low initial outlay.

Woodland Capital Limited takes part in many such pre-ipo and founder situations where the risk is perhaps higher but indeed so are the potential returns.