Woodland Capital Limited makes a wide selection of investments in stock and/or warrants and/or convertible loans in many companies including the following:

  • Gledhow Investments plc

    Centurion Holdings plc

    Silvrex Limited

    China Biotech Healthcare Ltd

    China Education Group Ltd

    China Eastsea Business Software Ltd

    NCI Vehicle Rescue Plc

    PHSC plc

  • Daily Internet plc

    European Diamonds plc


    Bridge Resources Corp

    Central China Goldfields plc

    Churchill Mining plc

    Meridien Petroleum plc

    Pactolus Hungarian Property Ltd

  • Diamondcorp

    Osceola Hydrocarbons


    Siberian Diamonds plc

    Bulgarian Property & Land Ltd

    Sanoodi Ltd

    Stellar Diamonds plc

Please note that this list is not comprehensive, and is not updated daily.


Woodland Capital Limited

Are you an investor looking to invest?

Woodland Capital Limited assists in bringing attractive investment prospects to the market through providing seed, bridging and development or expansion finance. All companies that we invest in have been through our due diligence screening process. There is no membership fee or obligation to trade with us or invest in anything alongside us. We would like to keep you regularly updated with the progress of Woodland Capital Limited, its investments, and new companies that may be interesting to you.

Woodland Capital Limited is always looking for like-minded investors. If you are interested in becoming a an investor or shareholder please e-mail us stating your interest and contact details and you will be contacted within 48 hours.